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The ideal camper you imagine will come true. Wilfrid & Adelstan believe in the ingenuity and know-how of their customers. Whether you are experienced or a novice, we offer several solutions adapted to your needs.

Exclusive Total Composites® DistributorWhy?

Form & Function

We believe perfection can only be attained by reaching the right compromises in the balance of two design aspects: Form & Function

We seek to find the perfect balance between: Off-road capabilities, Comfort, Reliability, Simplicity, Aesthetics and Ergonomics.

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Slide-in Campers made for the Tinkerers

A new product from Total Composites® specifically made for the tinkerers. Several models are in development to adapt the camper to the different trucks on the market.

The biggest challenge in the design of a Slide in camper is the box itself. The engineering of Total Composites® allows you to skip that part and focus on the interior furnishings. The perfect balance between weight, insulation and very high sturdiness makes it possible to have a slide in camper adapted to the rigors of all the weather and off pavement navigating. Unlike the majority of carried campers, the balance of features has been pushed towards off-road capability, both in size and in weight.

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Get our help.

One of the riskiest obstacles in the design and assembly of a camper is the cabin.

This is a major cost of your project, and the consequences of errors and defects can cause major problems in both the short and long term. Whether it is water infiltration or issues with insurance or legal accreditation; these are all major obstacles that can jeopardize your dream project. Your cabin is the crux of your project.

This is where Wilfrid & Adelstan come in. By entrusting us with the responsibility for the design and assembly of your camper box, you are transferring the responsibility to us for ensureensuring that your investment is built according to the rules of the art and in a much shorter timeline.

We can assist you, or do for you, the design and installation of interior furnitures, electrical systems, plumbing and more.

Your vision, our challenge.

Composite panels

Wilfrid & Adelstan is proudly distributing the products of the Canadian company Total Composites®.

We chose their panels as in our experience, they are the superior product on the market to build campers.

  • Maximize the ratio between the insulation factor and the weight

  • No heat bridge

  • No organic matter susceptible to degradation

  • Easily configured to the unique specifications of your project

  • Specifically designed for Off-Road applications

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Composite Panels

The Wilfrid & Adelstan Camper


Modern Design

Total Composites® Panels

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We cater to the needs of Tinkerers because we are Tinkerers. We are always working on a new camper project. Here is the one in developpement.

Based on a Ford Transit AWD, this compact and comfortable camper can take you off the beaten track. The Total Composites® camper allows for true all-season use and much more space than any other van, while using only the shortest wheelbase available on the market. This configuration optimizes both maneuverability and living space.

Great care is taken in the choice of materials in order to keep the overall weight of the camper well below the manufacturer's recommended limits.

The more systems there are or the more complex they are; the higher the risks of breakages. In the spirit of our motto, Form & Function, we work hard to ensure reliability and make repairs easier. Wilfrid & Adelstan selected, after careful analysis, all equipment that goes in to your camper.

It is never fun to sacrifice travel time for makeshift repairs on the road. Wilfrid & Adelstan love simplicity and reliability.

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